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Feel the peace and serenity as the Universe's healing energy removes trauma and realigns your mind, body, spirit trifecta.  In addition to other services, this can be purchased in 30 min increments and can be done in person or through distance healing for both pets and people. 

Shamanic Journey

Relax and journey to the world to connect with your Spirit guide and Spirit animal. This class will provide steps to move into the spiritual realm and will also give the client time to practice this connection.

Personal Training

Functional training will assist clients to connect with their body, set healthy workout goals and provide a foundation to learning ways to assist with their fitness.  Energy healing can be added (advance notice needed) at a prorated rate. This will give more support and insight on a mind, body, spirit level.  

Doula (EOL)

As an End-of-Life Doula, I will provide compassionate, attentive care with vigil planning, energy healing, grief assistance, and legacy projects. 

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