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Wedding Ceremony Stage

May 2023 Specials

May discounts are here!  Time for joyous celebrations for weddings, graduations, and Mother's Day!  For Memorial Day, Veterans and military will receive 10% off any Energy healing session in honor of their service.

Lastly, Taurus and Gemini born in May, Happy Birthday! You will get an additional 3% off on any service (on total after other discounts are applied) enjoy!!!  

Sorry, these discounts do not apply when purchasing gift cards.

White Wedding Altar

Bride and Groom 1 hour Reiki session

Get a 11.1% discount when purchasing a 2 hour (1 hour back to back sessions)  Energy session. Discount code is 111TwoHours

Holding a Flower

Mom's Day Reiki Energy Session

Get a 5.55% off when purchasing and booking 1 hour Energy session!  Discount code is 555OneHour


College Distant Reiki Session

Currently enrolled in college? ...then get 50% off 30 min online (distant) Reiki session! Discount code is CollegeLove

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