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Lotus and Lily Center 


REIKI ENERGY HEALING   The perfect combination of holistic care for your wellbeing

Energy Healing continues to provide profound healings for millions of people and supports our beloved pets as well. It gently rebuilds the mind, body, and spirit as it releases energy blocks (emotions, traumas, anxiety) that exist in our chakras. It is a unique healing based on individual need: love, peace, wisdom, support, and guidance. Clients often notice immediate relaxation as layers of stress are released, transforming to a joyful state, with a sense of wholeness, wellness and lightness. 

Energy healing is often used to assist at hospitals, hospices, and veterinarians offices. It is a complimentary service to further support the healing processes and practices. 


PERSONAL TRAINING    Pain relief, Nutrition and Functional Body Training


The majority of adults have chronic pain from overuse and/or daily stressors. We may try to ignore our tight shoulders, stiff necks and aching hips or try to take OTC medicines to relieve the pain.  A great holistic alternative is to incorporate functional movements into your daily schedule. It is simple and will have long term benefits. All it takes is a little motivation and discipline and you are then on your way.   Being ACE (American Council of Exercise) certified, I will focus on fitness core essentials and enhance it with diversified workouts, tailored to your needs.

DEATH DOULA      Comfort and compassion for your Heart and End-of-Life

It is so difficult to live in the present moment when we are faced with  losing our loved ones.  There are some options if the grief of caregiving and loss feels overwhelming.

As an End-of-Life (EOL) Doula, we work as a helping hand through the stages of grief and loss by:

   -Being comforting, compassionate and supportive 

   -Reiki Healing

   -Providing attentive care to those in need and life reflection    


   -Creating a legacy project to celebrate and honor the patient's life

   -Aiding with vigil preparations that align with the patients desires

   -Accommodating other end of life (non medical) requests. 

The EOL transition for the dying and their family can be improved with Doula services; filling remaining moments with intentional and personalized peace, grace, and love.

Prioritize yourself and your loved ones with any combination of self care and pampering services. I look forward to helping with healing and wellness!  Peace and many blessings to you and your loved ones.

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